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Mona Moleo stellt im Chongging Artmuseum aus

Transcendence: A Fusion of Art and Culture

Mona Moleo, the artist extraordinaire, seamlessly marries existentialism and abstract expressionism within her captivating body of work. Her art transcends conventional boundaries, masterfully combining the precision of existential introspection with the untamed emotional outpouring of abstract expressionism.

A defining feature that sets Mona apart is her audacious experimentation with unorthodox techniques, most notably her approach of blowing colors to wooden surfaces using straw pieces, rather than adhering to traditional brushwork. This unconventional method imbues her creations with a unique tactile quality that entices viewers to not only see but to touch, inviting them to immerse themselves fully in her artistic universe.

Mona’s choice of technique becomes a metaphorical embodiment of her artistic philosophy—symbolizing her artistic rebellion, a fearless dance on the precipice between chaos and order.

In her meticulously crafted works, where precision and structure reign supreme, Mona delves into existential musings, inviting viewers to embark on a philosophical quest for meaning and identity. These paintings are a testament to her dedication to dissecting the complexities of existence, mirroring the existentialist’s pursuit of structure and understanding within the labyrinth of life.

Conversely, in her abstract expressionist creations, Mona unleashes a tempest of emotions and energies, her unconventional technique allowing for an unrestrained eruption of color and form. These works defy representation, instead plunging headlong into the heart of raw human experience. Her bold, vivid hues resonate with the very essence of abstract expressionism, providing viewers with a direct channel to the depths of human sentiment.

In the fusion of these two seemingly disparate artistic approaches within Mona’s portfolio, one cannot help but perceive the intricate tapestry of existence itself—the eternal tug-of-war between structure and spontaneity, meaning and chaos. Her technique, like her art, becomes a visual allegory for the multifaceted nature of our lives.

Mona Moleo perceives herself as transcendentally connected to the universe, as if she harnesses the boundless energy of the cosmos and channels it onto her canvases. This profound connection to the universe infuses her art with a metaphysical quality that goes beyond the mere physical act of creation.

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