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At 4 p.m. on Friday, 8 December, the Rothko Museum will open its Winter Exhibition Season. The opening ceremony will be followed by a public exhibition tour with the featured artists.  

The Winter Season will bring two new, chromatically and thematically striking exhibitions – a combined effort of ten international artists. They will add to the two temporary projects that remain on display from the previous season – the “Martinsons Award” international juried exhibition of contemporary ceramics and “Fear Whispering” by the Lithuanian artist Agnė Šemberaitė.

 The highlight of the Winter Season, not least in terms of sheer size, is “Kosmiki Dynami: Art as a Universal Momentum” – a sweeping group exhibition marking the latest collaboration between the Rothko Museum and Pashmin Art Consortia. Thoughtfully selected by curator Nour Nouri and his co-curator, Dr. Davood Khazaie, this impressive collection offers an expansive perspective on the diverse landscape of modern art, showcasing a rich tapestry of artistic expressions that highlight the role of art as a dynamic global entity. The exhibition promises a comprehensive immersion into the heart of artistic progress, beckoning visitors to embark on a voyage through a myriad of visions and materials. As such, the new exhibition is more than a presentation; it is an exploration that invites a profound appreciation of art’s limitless horizons and its resonant global pulse.

Featuring: Mona Moleo, Daniel Fuchs, Alexander Dik, Gerd Rehme, Rainer Hoffelner, Lionel Machris, Marian Kretschmer, Blondemonkey, Andrea Donner.

The second highpoint of the Winter Season is in the meditative sculptural objects by Hanna Miadzvedzeva, a Belarusian-born artist who brings her solo exhibition “Landscapes”. To quote from the artist:

“Since early childhood, I have been used to taking long walks in nature. During my walking meditation sessions, I pay attention not only to the large spaces opening up to my eyes, such as breathtaking mountain vistas, but also to the smallest details of my immediate environment, such as the structures of particular plants.”

A former teacher at the Belarusian State Academy of Arts with seven years of academic experience behind her belt, Miadzvedzeva was forced to leave her teaching post in 2021 and soon fled Belarus due to political persecution. The artist is currently based in Poland, where she has been granted political asylum.

After the formal opening of the Winter Exhibition Season, everyone present will have a unique opportunity to take a public exhibition tour with the featured artists to learn more about the artworks and their techniques, the artists’ ideas and exhibition concepts. The tour will be available free of charge.

Besides the temporary exhibition projects, the Winter Season offer at the Rothko Museum includes Mark Rothko’s originals and “No. 2 [Untitled]” – selected artworks from the museum collection. Also, the Martinsons House still displays “Visualising Gravity” by Dainis Pundurs.

The Winter Exhibition Season – one of the largest in the museum’s history in terms of featured artists – will be available until 18 February 2024.

The exhibitions are produced with REACT-EU funding towards post-pandemic recovery. The Winter Exhibition Season is supported by the Daugavpils City Council, Pashmin Art Consortia, Devona, Caparol.


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